Morris Habif

Morris for web-001Morris Habif was born and raised in Atlanta, GA where he attended Commercial High School in the city’s downtown.  He is a member of the Georgia Bar and a licensed real estate agent. Morris started and ran a number of successful retail and service businesses in his early career.  After establishing a small chain of automotive service centers, Morris founded APD Transmission Parts in 1959 as a wholesale distributor of automatic transmission parts.  Morris began investing in real estate when he noticed many of the former garment district warehouse buildings surrounding his downtown location were vacated as tenants moved to more modern distribution facilities in the Fulton Industrial district.  Morris purchased a number of these vacant properties and re-tenanted them for unique uses such as community theater and light manufacturing.

Morris was an early promoter of the redevelopment of Atlanta’s in-town business districts and a pioneer in converting vacant warehouse space into reasonably priced lofts for artists and small businesses. One of the first loft projects in Atlanta was created when Morris and a group of investors purchased the former Southern Cross Mattress Factory in downtown Atlanta.  Morris oversaw the conversion of the former factory buildings into individual studio spaces.  The Mattress Factory Lofts helped pave the way for a new generation of developers who continue to unlock the potential of some of downtown Atlanta’s oldest buildings.  Morris has focused on rehabilitating, managing and leasing underperforming investment properties for more than fifty years.He is respected in Atlanta’s real estate community as a visionary leader who has a keen sense of where the city’s next hot growth area will be found.