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What is a Dry P-Trap?

A dry P-trap is a common plumbing issue that can result in unpleasant odors and sewer gas leaks. It's important to diagnose and resolve this issue promptly to maintain a healthy and safe working environment.

What is a dry P-trap?

A P-trap is a plumbing fixture that is designed to prevent sewer gas from entering a building. It's called a P-trap because it's shaped like a “P”. The trap is filled with water, which acts as a barrier between the sewer gas and the building. If the water level in the P-trap decreases, the barrier is removed, and sewer gas can enter the building. This is known as a dry P-trap.

How to diagnose a dry P-trap

A dry P-trap can be easily diagnosed by checking for unpleasant odors near plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and showers. If you smell sewer gas, it's likely that you have a dry P-trap. Dry P-traps are likely to occur if a plumbing fixture goes an extended period of time without normal use.

How to resolve a dry P-trap

Resolving a dry P-trap is as simple as running water down the drain for a few seconds to fill the P-trap.



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